About Us

About Us

Perth Subud Centre is one of several Subud centres located throughout the UK, most of which hire space to local businesses and community groups for various uses.

The primary use of these centres, however, is to provide space for their local Subud group.

Subud is an international association of men and women who share a unique spiritual experience known as the latihan (an Indonesian word meaning exercise) – which is a form of worship or religious experience. Subud, however, is not itself a religion but rather brings people from all faiths together.

Subud houses usually contain at least two large halls. The Subud group will use the halls for the spiritual practice usually two evenings a week and sometimes once also at the weekend.

Many people who hire Subud houses or visit exhibitions, events or gatherings held within them, comment on the peaceful, light feeling to be found in the houses.

Highland House, now the Perth Subud Centre, was bought by Subud Britain in January 2003. Previously the premises were used as an army communications centre and, before that, was a family home.

For more information about Subud in the UK visit www.subudbritain.org

for Subud International visit www.subud.com

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