Choosing your next events venue


A safe return to events venues has been among many other subjects in discussion recently.

The Scottish Government’s route map for venue hosts with cultural facilities have been clearly stated.  The green light has been given for those not only following sector specific guidance, but for those individual organisations taking the decision to re-open themselves.

Preparing the Perth Subud Centre for welcoming back visitors, we want to give you an idea of the main points to consider whilst choosing your next local event hosts.



There is usually a consensus around location and accessibility to a venue being of primary concern.

Perth is a relatively small city, with steady flows of traffic during all hours of the day, and this provides ample opportunity for those close by to get to their venue rather promptly.  For those travelling from afar, there is an abundance of lovely accommodation in the surrounding areas.

Free car park facilities, Perth train and bus station situated just around the corner, and a short walk away from the city centre, as well as having access to the South Inch Park, the Perth Subud Centre assures convenience and at the same time tranquillity with stunning views over the inch and the hills beyond.


The Venue

In the same way that some of us are privileged to freely choose where we live, this is also relevant when it comes to picking where we conduct business and engage in extracurricular activities.

A corporate group may search for conference centres with a more contemporary and structured feel to it. Preference for something grand and authentic, will also lead to an enquiry for older-fashioned, historically listed buildings with character to it.

Some of us really care about whether a building has a certain ‘feel’ about the place as well.  So much so, that we’ll go out of our way to find one that suits our given preference.

Our returning visitors at the Perth Subud Centre have repeatedly mentioned their appreciation with the calm and peaceful atmosphere enhanced by the natural light and stunning views.

Interestingly is this piece we found on the workplace environmental experience shaping performance and productivity levels.


open events venue space with natural lighting



Another consideration is the size of venue, and whether it caters for your group and towards the purpose of your arrangements.

Cabaret or boardroom style, theatre, reception style layout, or even an empty hall for that matter; how about additional rooms, small offices and outside garden areas that allow to congregate and break away as needed?

The Perth Subud Centre is versatile in its provision of convenient and relevant spaces and can offer flexibility in choice.


content guests at events venue space 



The current pandemic is forcing every business to ensure rigorous practices are implemented. So as to guarantee the safety and well-being of every customer,  venues will deploy the appropriate individual and group risk assessments before anyone is accepted on to the premises.

The aim for both parties is to ensure that the visitor feels welcomed, inspired and safe. Establishing trust in the hosts to create an environment which fosters collaboration and focus, all whilst abiding by the mandatory covid19 requirements, will then be of vital importance to ensure the lasting returning of the events venue experience.



A visit to an events venue can be a worthy change from the office as much as anything else.

Consideration with planning for space, ease of location and other practicalities can make for an all-round, positive venue experience.

Balancing safety precautions is, of course, a further concern for everyone involved.   We have- in additional to the usual fire safety regulations- established important Covid19 safety protocols for all future guests.

We believe that the Perth Subud Centre can be an exceptional venue for small meetings of various characters.  And, so far, we have welcomed back 2 two groups in total over the past month.

If you are considering hiring an events venue in Perth, you can get in touch for a chat on how we best can accommodate your venue hosting requirements. 

We look forward hearing from you.


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